Motor relays for greenhouses

Knowledge of Analoque Climate Control

For many years Senmatic has produced and delivered analogue controls of climate and irrigation. This ensures optimal conditions for the plants.

With analoque control it is possible to buy "individual functions" and thus invest only in what is necessary for your greenhouse.

All analoque controls are supplied with sensors and weather stations that gives the sensor the information of what to be used. If more than one function is to be controlled, several units can be mounted to achieve a good and safe control of the parameters in the greenhouse.

Senmatic also produces control relays to be mounted between the gear motor and the steering. The control relays have built-in motor protection, which comes in several different sizes.

Analogue controls can be provided for controlling:

  • Ventilation regulator for controlling ventilation windows
  • Heat regulator for control of heating valve
  • Heat and ventilation regulator, where both ventilation windows and heating valves can be controlled
  • Shadow control for controlling a curtain
  • Control relays with motor protection for manual operation or switch for automatic input
  • Control relays for control of pipe motor for manual operation or switch for automatic input
  • Fire extinguishers can be purchased for the control relays allowing opening at fire signal

Products for Analoque Climate Control

RO901, RO902 & MR906

Motor relays with built-in overload switch

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Temperature regulators

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Climate regulator

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Sempleta Climate Control

Control of room temperature and shade

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WE916 Heat Regulator

Simple heat regulator

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Climate Sensors

Correct Measurement

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